Esvee Real Estate

Esvee Real Estate

Esvee Real Estate

  • Active Listings: 29 Properties

  • Company Address: 1420, BLUEBAY TOWERS, BUSINESS BAY (ORN : 2512)

28 Apartments

0 Villas

1 Commercial

0 Others


At ESVEE our mission is not only meeting, but also, exceeding customer satisfaction and expectations. Our goal is to aim high, with integrity, diversification, consistency, high standards, principles, and outstanding customer service. through impartiality and honesty. We handle each client with integrity and are unwavering in our commitment to provide effective, and efficient customer service. The essential ingredient for success is passion, which our team has. Our agents have over 6 of experience in the Dubai real estate market. Change is permanent, experience has taught us that being flexible and developing the capability to adapt quickly is critical, particularly in a market that is changing so rapidly. We believe there should be 100% transparency between the client and the landlord, with personal and professional customer service being high on our list of priorities. Striving to be different from others in the market, we want to make your experience with us as effective and profitable as possible, always going the extra mile to provide you with professional working partners, the latest market news, finance solutions and legal advice.

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