Short Term Rental in Dubai

Dubai is a city that never sleeps. It is home to the largest towers, vistas, and malls. No matter where you go, there is beauty and charm that will make you feel alive. New and old residents alike should consider short term rental in Dubai. It offers amazing flexibility and the opportunity to decide which area suits your requirements best.

Short Term Rental in Dubai, Monthly Basis

There has been a huge increase in short term rentals Dubai over the years. Is it your first time considering a short term rental? You should know that it refers to the rental of a residential unit for a short period of time. Generally, most people only rent for just a month or two. But, the greatest length varies but is always less than a year. Besides, it is quite common for people to rent on a monthly basis.

Also called short term vacation rentals or transient rentals, these dwelling units allow you to live for a short time. If you are looking to live in Dubai for only a few months, it might just be the ideal option for you. Moreover, there is a growing market for short term rental Dubai. Thus, you should have no trouble finding a property.

Why You Should Go For Short Term Rental in Dubai Monthly Basis?

A short term rental is the leasing of a furnished property on a short term basis. These units are even rented out by the night or the week depending on the owner. When the property owners don’t use their properties, they prefer to rent them out.

Since a hotel costs a ton of money, it is best to opt for a short term rental in Dubai. We live in a time of the sharing economy and platforms like have made things possible. You should keep in mind that there are different categories of short term rental Dubai. These include individual rooms, accessory dwellings, and entire homes.

What Are The Benefits Of Booking Short-Term Rental in Dubai?

Booking a short term rental in Dubai is possibly one of the best decisions that you can make. After all, it offers a host of benefits including the following.

Flexible Move-Out Options

A great thing about short term rental Dubai is that it offers flexible move-out options. Having the flexibility to move out quickly would make your life a whole lot easier. Best of all, you would get to move to a different property without having to serve a one-month notice. It doesn’t get better than this. Forget about having to stress about vacating a unit. The entire process is a lot easier and the landlord doesn’t need you to follow any strict procedures.

Ideal for Vacation Rentals

Interested in vacationing in Dubai? A short term rental is just what you need. It allows you to rent a property for a week or a month. Besides, you could switch from one property to the next without any issues. If you don’t like a rental, you have many more options to choose from. As a matter of fact, you get to take control of the entire process with

Better Rates

A major benefit of short term rental Dubai is better rates. That’s right. You could rent a property during the slow season for massive savings. It is the perfect option for those of you who visit Dubai on a short term basis from time to time.

Also, you should be able to negotiate the rent for the best rates. Make sure to browse through plenty of listings on to get an idea about what the rates are. After all, a bit of market research always comes in handy.

Growing Market

Lastly, Dubai is experiencing explosive growth in short term rentals. More and more people are visiting the emirate than ever before. Since most of the vacationers only stay for a short period of time, they prefer a short term rental. To cater to the market, many property owners are offering their homes for rent. So, this is the time to book a house. You will be glad to know just how easy it is.


Now that you know why short term rental in Dubai is a great idea, you should use Our platform offers access to countless listings. Hence, you will have no trouble finding a property to rent on a short term basis. It’s time for you to stay at a property according to your terms.

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