Top 5 things to remember when renting in Dubai

BY   ADMIN    |    November 13, 2017   

top 5 things

Moving to a new place can be very exciting and memorable, especially once you think you’ve found ‘the one’. However, once you start living in the new accommodation, hidden details and overlooked things start to pop up, making your new home sound like a nightmare. Before you take the final step of signing the contract, have a look at our tips below to avoid future mishaps in renting your new place.

1. Read the lease

Quite obvious, we know. However, you’d be surprised how many times renters sign the lease without reading the fine print. Therefore, ensuring you’ve understood every inch of the lease is extremely important. Since rental laws in Dubai are ever changing, make sure to clarify parts of the contract wherever deemed necessary. Double check all the terms and conditions, notice periods, early termination clause, management contracts, making sure all eventualities are mentioned in the contract. Eventualities are extremely important to note in the contract as you never know what might happen in the future. If the property is managed, check the rates. Ensure you check the number of cheques written on the contract are as agreed upon and the penalties of late fees is also discussed. Lastly, make sure the signature and details of the landlord are mentioned in the contract and are legitimate.

2. Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding…everything. After all, you are the one who’s paying the big money. Ask the landlord about the insurances for every service provided in the building. Will you have to pay for the fused bulb? The leaking sink? What about a fire? Ensure all of the fix-ups are included in your contract to avoid getting stuck into paying for something that might not be your fault.

Check the accessibility towards your new place – how far is the metro? Where is the nearest exit from Sheikh Zayed Road? Even questions in relation to the actual size of the property and the size mentioned in the lease should be asked to avoid conflicts. The situation of pest control is another important factor to discuss with your landlord.

Ask about parking - parking in Dubai, albeit cheap, can add a dent in your pocket over time. An hour’s worth of parking costs AED 2.00, but add this up for 6 hours of parking at night and you’ve lost yourself around AED 25 a night. Confirm with your estate agent about the parking provided to you.

3. Inspect the property and the area around

Whether you’ve visited once or twice, ensure that you know the ins and outs, the good and the bad of your area. This is not just for your benefit in the present, but also for the future. Document and report all defects and keep as proof to show the landlord at the end of the contract. Keep an eye out for the cupboard spaces and molds growing on the walls. If it’s an older building, listen for sounds of running water and thin walls that might cause you sleepless nights.

Although furnished apartments for rent in Dubai sounds like a dream, make sure the furniture is in good condition if you’re spending extra cash on a furnished property.

The surroundings of the building make a lot of difference when it comes to the noise levels, the dust and the cleanliness of the building/apartment. Try to avoid areas near the airports where you’ll find yourself woken up by the a 2 am airplane flying above you because of thin walls. Avoid areas with lots of roads – you don’t want to come home from the traffic only to end up being surrounded by constant honking or police sirens. Look into the pest situation of the building as well.

4. Pre-Viewing

Pre-Viewing involves everything you need to take care of before you even think about looking into renting an apartment in Dubai. Make sure your passport and visa have time till it expires.

Look for apartment viewings online and make a plan. Allow yourself to view at least five to six properties in the area within the day ends. Keep a tally of the benefits or negatives of each place, so when you go back, you can look through and decide what’s best. Make sure you have dependable transport whilst going from one property to another. Catching a taxi every time will make things tiring – especially in the hot weather. Have a reliable source of transport to make things easier.

5. Know your rights

There are common misconceptions in the market. Therefore, knowing your rights are important for any tenant residing in Dubai. Whether it’s in relation to eviction or raised rents, have a brief idea of what you are allowed to do and where you can exercise your rights. Due to the changing laws, make sure you are aware of the basic laws as a tenant and laws as a landlord.

6. Bonus! Fees besides the rent

Ejari fees, DEWA deposits, security deposits are all hidden fees you might not anticipate. Besides the obvious rent fees, take note of all your other expenses while making the move to your new apartment.