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    Sheikh Zayed Road is the main highway in the city of Dubai which runs through the heart of the city. Named E-11, this road connects the seven emirates with each other. It stretches from Abu Dhabi to Ras Al Khaimah and is 558.44km long. Most of the high-rise and important landmark buildings are situated along both sides of Sheikh Zayed Road. These buildings are both residential and commercial as well as house many luxurious hotels.

     Popular Areas for Renting Apartments on Sheikh Zayed Road

    Families as well as individuals who want to live near Dubai’s business hub such as DIFC and Business Bay seek rent apartments in Sheikh Zayed Road. Moreover, people who like to have picturesque city views from their apartments prefer apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road. Most residential buildings are new and only a handful are properties older than 15 years and even these are refurbished.
    Buildings that offer views of famous landmarks such as Burj Khalifa and Emirates Tower are the most popular areas on Sheikh Zayed Road. Buildings with a high-demand include Duja Tower, Sama Tower, Burj Al Salam Tower, Latifa Tower, Al Wasl Tower, and 21st Century Tower.

    Lifestyle in Sheikh Zayed Road Apartments

    Because of its central location, apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road offer high living standards. All luxurious as well as everyday facilities are available to its residents on walking distance. Dubai Metro’s Red Line runs parallel to the road. Moreover, there are plenty of bus stops that provide further ease of public transport.
    There is no shortage of schools, daycares, hospitals, medical centers, and religious centers on Sheikh Zayed Road.
    Sheikh Zayed Road provides access to most tourist places and landmarks. It is a tourist attraction in itself. The presence of tourists in the area from all over the world gives it a lively feel. Jumeirah Beach, JBR Beach, and Kite Beach are three well-known beaches that are located at just a few minutes of drive from Sheikh Zayed Road.
    Restaurants and cafés offering cuisines from around the world are present here in abundance. There are lots of shopping and entertainment options in the area including City Walk, Mall of the Emirates, Coca Cola Arena and the world’s biggest mall, Dubai Mall. Many hotels lining the highway have spas as well as nightlife options.

    Types of Apartments on Sheikh Zayed Road

    Many believe that because of the prime location, apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road are very expensive. On the contrary, people can find many affordable options to live. There are a number of sub-communities which offer amenities according to the rental price. There are, however, no communities with villas on Sheikh Zayed Road.
    Buildings for rent apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road offer accommodations which range from a studio apartment and 4-bedroom apartment to penthouses. In addition to that, some buildings also have fully-serviced hotel apartments which are managed by hospitality businesses. There are also plenty of options to rent a fully-furnished apartment in the area.
    Apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed Road are fully air-conditioned and well-maintained. Most buildings are spacious and have balconies. They provide all kinds of common facilities including covered parking, swimming pools, gyms and kids play areas.
    Rental Price of Apartments on Sheikh Zayed Road
    Prices of rent apartment in Sheikh Zayed Road varies with the size of the accommodation. The average rental price of a studio apartment is AED 52,000. A 1-bedroom apartment has an average rent price of AED 82,000. Similarly, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments have a rental prices of AED 108,000 and AED 144,000 respectively. A 4-bedroom apartment on Sheikh Zayed Road rents out for an average price of AED 259,000.
    Sheikh Zayed Road is the busiest and most vibrant area in Dubai. Everything is either on it or very near to it. Living in an apartment on Sheikh Zayed Road is a wonderful experience. It fulfills all the needs of its residents whether its the living facilities or leisure activities. Easy access to public transport makes this area a hot favorite in the property market. In short, anyone wanting to have a luxurious place to live in Dubai can find a perfect place on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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