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    Dubai is undoubtedly one of the most vibrant cities in the world. The respected founding father Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan succeeded in building a desert oasis. The city features several attractive qualities that draw in people from all over the planet. For example the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates also features incredible landmarks. Additionally Dubai features many architectural wonders. Visitors to the Arab Emirate in the 90’s are delighted by it’s stunning transformation. In fact a quick visit to the Gold Souk close to Deira Creek reveals a contrast between the old and new sides. Similarly one can literally have a look at the Old and New Side at the Dubai Frame.

    There are a number of sectors within the job market that draw expats to Dubai. Hospitality is a very popular industry, as well as oil and gas, telecommunications, retail, and digital to name a few. The great city also features an innumerable amount of attractions. Dubai is also a world renowned convention host. For example Gitex and Beauty World are just a few of the super conventions featured annually. There are thousands of events taking place throughout the year as a whole. Restaurants and fashion are important industries within the region too. Besides Dubai hosts food festivals and major fashion events throughout the year.

    The average Dubai resident is spoiled for choice across all parts of life. To illustrate the options are endless in choosing everything from where to brunch to where to live. Kicking off the process to rent an apartment in Dubai is the best place to start. Best of all is the most reliable platform through which to rent an apartment in Dubai.

    Lifestyle in Dubai

    The Dubai lifestyle is nothing short of exquisite. The city is known as one of the safest places to live in the world making it the perfect place to rent an apartment. There is also an ingenious system in place to keep you entertained during the summer months. From the world’s biggest shopping mall to the earth’s largest indoor amusement park the options are truly endless. Additionally you can also become a pro skier at Ski Dubai. Of course state of the art spas lie within some of the most luxurious hotels.

    The winter brings even more activities like going to the beach and dune bashing. Similarly watch the incredible Dubai Fountains while puffing on a vanilla flavored hookah. Indulge in one of the many Michelin star restaurants. Best of all the city is also a children’s paradise. Kids have options to go to entertainment centers like Kid Zania or Atlantis Water Park. Dubai is a one stop shop for everyone and the ideal place to rent an apartment.

    Types of Apartments For Rent in Dubai

    Dubai offers an incredible breadth of apartments. There are several different types of apartments in Dubai that suit every budget. To illustrate the smallest units are typically studios. One bedroom units and two bedroom units are very common as well. Larger families or less price sensitive clients opt for units with multiple bedrooms or penthouses. Finally duplexes are another popular form of apartments for rent in Dubai.

    Apartments also have all sorts of views including city view, community view, or sea view. Meanwhile other apartments face landscapes such as golf courses or gardens. Several apartments have balconies and maid’s rooms. It is important to note that some apartments for rent in Dubai offer the Air Conditioning free of charge to the tenants. The AC is also known as the chiller. Best of all buildings in Dubai typically feature swimming pools and gymnasiums. These are all important factors in choosing an apartment for rent in Dubai. In conclusion is the perfect guide in selecting features that are important to you.

    Popular Areas in Dubai for Renting Apartments

    It can be overwhelming to choose an area to rent an apartment in Dubai. is the correct place to start! has carefully procured this guide of the most popular areas to rent an apartment in Dubai. Our curated guide will help you to kick off the process.

    One of the most exciting areas to live in Dubai is Downtown. Who doesn’t want to wake up to the sight of the Dubai Fountain? Amazingly Dubai Mall is just a stone’s throw away if you live in Downtown Dubai. The best restaurants and bars in the world are right by your fingertips if you live in Downtown. Dubai International Financial Center is one of the commercial hubs of the city and just next door. Therefore many expats who work in finance and consulting who work in DIFC live in Downtown.

    Another hugely popular area is Dubai Marina. Marina contains a stunning man-made harbor filled with luxury yachts and tourist boats. The artificial canal is built along a 3km stretch of the Persian gulf shoreline. Incredibly it also includes 8km of public walkways. As a resident of the Marina you have the privilege of being walking distance to the beach. Finally there are several hookah cafes and restaurants to keep you busy. How does it get any better?

    Silicon Oasis is a marvel in itself.  It is a price friendly option for those who are looking to rent an apartment in Dubai. Silicon Oasis features lots of green space and swimming pools. Additionally the tech hub community also contains schools and shopping malls.

    Business Bay is an up and coming area that’s very close to Downtown. Business Bay features the landmark billion dollar project Dubai Canal. Are you a runner? As a resident you can enjoy the 3km running track along the canal. Cyclists also love the 12km track in one of the most iconic cities in the world. You can also visit some of the many five star hotels that dot the area. For example Habtoor City contains some fantastic hotels like the V and the Habtoor Palace.

    Jumeirah Beach Residences is by far one of the most popular areas to rent an apartment in Dubai. There are over 40 residential buildings within this beachside community as well as five star hotels. The Walk even features a beachfront cinema and stores. Not to mention the gorgeous view of the Dubai Eye from almost everywhere a JBR resident would look. Undoubtedly JBR is one of the best places to rent an apartment in Dubai.

    Rental Price Trends for Apartments in Dubai

    Value is the word that comes to mind when exploring rental price trends for apartments in Dubai. The city is much more affordable than other major hubs like Hong Kong or London. However price trends also vary. Apartments for rent in Dubai can start anywhere from AED 18,000 a month to over AED 1 million a month. Factors such as location and apartment size affect rental price trends. For example the prices for a 1 Bedroom can range from around AED 25,000 per annum to AED 80,000 per annum. Additionally the prices for a 2 Bedroom can range from around AED 35,000 per annum to AED 250,000 per annum. Moreover 3 Bedrooms are generally from around AED 60,000 per annum to AED 700,000 per annum. Finally larger apartments are readily available and can vary as per view and location. Browse and see the apartments for rent in Dubai available for your price budget.

    Guide to Rent a First Apartment in Dubai

    There are a number of steps entailed when renting your first apartment in Dubai. Begin your search by deciding on an approximate budget. Keep in mind you will need an additional 10% of the total rental value for deposit and agency fees. The landlord may charge you a higher security deposit if the property is furnished. The next step is browsing to find your ideal home. will help you filter by location and price to name a few. After you express interest in a property it is time to view the unit. Nevertheless the viewing process will allow for a better idea of the property.

    Above all if you find the apartment of your dreams in Dubai, make an offer! Be prepared to provide your passport copy, visa copy, and Emirates ID copy if the offer is accepted. A tenancy contract then needs to be procured and signed by both parties. You must be able to provide the payment terms agreed upon before the landlord will sign the rental agreement. Accordingly the tenancy contract is one of the most important documents in the rental process. Ejari registration is mandatory to formalize your rental agreement. Finally Ejari also needs to be registered before Dubai Electricity and Water Authority can be connected.

    There is no need to fret about the rental process. has you covered from the beginning until the end. Get in touch with us today to kick off one of the most exciting phases of your life!

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