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    Dubai has grown from a sleepy desert town to a diverse haven. Although it started as a fishing port, the city is a hub for all sectors. The growing sectors attract people from all over to live and work here. Popular sectors include oil and gas, IT, retail, and hospitality. The respected government has endowed Dubai with world-class infrastructure. This makes it easy to move around with a packed schedule. There are countless activities to keep you busy throughout the day. In addition, many aspects of this Middle Eastern oasis are simply lovely. The recently redone Al Seef area in Old Dubai is one of these examples. Only 15 minutes away is the renowned Dubai International Financial Center. DIFC is a huge contrast from Al Seef. The financial hub is home to excellent modern restaurants and art galleries. As such, Dubai leaves residents and visitors alike spellbound with its beauty.

    The average Dubai resident has an incredible number of options across all parts of life. To illustrate, the options are endless in choosing everything from where to brunch to where to live. Kicking off the process to rent a villa in Dubai is the best place to start. There are several choices for where and what type of villas to rent in Dubai. Best of all, is the most reliable platform through which to rent a villa in Dubai.

    Popular Areas in Dubai for Renting Villas

    Dubai is one of the few cities in the world that offers tenants the option to rent villas per annum. There are a number of areas dotting the city that are popular for renting a villa in Dubai. Mirdif is a well known option as it features a suburban lifestyle as well as a large shopping mall. Moreover, each villa is unique in architecture so no two villas look the same. Mirdif City Center is one of Majid Al Futtaim’s most premium malls for neighborhood residents to enjoy.

    Meanwhile, Dubailand is indeed a wonderful area to rent a villa in Dubai. Dubailand is located in a suburban neighborhood outside of the city. It offers a safe and secure environment. The area is huge and offers a range of options for the price sensitive client. Dubailand hosts a number of community centers where kids can take music lessons. Parents in turn can enjoy a meal or coffee. Parents can find music and dance classes for themselves and kids alike at the community centers.

    Emirates Living is a stunning area developed by the famous Emaar Group. The community features several outstanding villas for rent in Dubai surrounding lakes and a golf course. Undoubtedly Emirates Living is one of the most luxurious developments to rent a villa in Dubai.

    Finally, no guide would be complete without mentioning the Palm Jumeirah. The Palm is an artificial archipelago and features many famous landmarks like the Atlantis Hotel. Villas for rent on the Palm are marvelous and come with private beach access. Can you imagine waking up to the view of the sea and swimming in your own private beach? What about jumping on a kayak journey at sunrise? This would all be possible by renting a villa in Palm Jumeirah.

    Types of Villas for Rent in Dubai

    Villas for rent in Dubai come in all shapes and sizes. Potential tenants have the privilege of choosing between 2 to 6 bedroom villas. 2 bedroom villas come with 3 bathrooms and the most popular types have a living area of 1,926 sq ft. Moving on, the most popular type of 3 bedroom villas for rent in Dubai  include 4 bathrooms and are 2,286 sq ft. Moreover, the most typical 4 bedroom villas to rent in Dubai are 3,084 sq ft and come with 6 bathrooms. A larger 5 bedroom villa for rent in Dubai offers 6 bathrooms and is about 4,185 sq ft in size. Finally, those with big families can consider a 6 bedroom villa. These villas most popularly feature 7 bathrooms and are 6,857 sq ft.

    Rental Price of Villas in Dubai

    Villas for rent in Dubai can be leased for between AED 50,000 to AED 2,000,000. At the beginning of the range, 2 bedroom villas start at AED 50,000 and can go up to AED 205,000 per year. Similarly, 3 bedroom villas start at around AED 60,000 and can go up to AED 700,000. The lease for a 4 bedroom villa for rent in Dubai starts at AED 90,000 and can top off at AED 1,500,000 in an upscale area. The range for 5 bedroom villas kicks off at AED 100,000 and can multiply to AED 1,750,000 a year. In conclusion, big families can consider 6 bedroom villas that start at AED 125,000. Families that are less price sensitive can consider options between the AED 1,000,000 to AED 2,000,000 budgets.

    Why Renting a Villa in Dubai

    There are few cities that offer the best of city and suburban life. Dubai is one of them. Renting a villa in Dubai is one of the best decisions you could make. For example, there is nothing that can compare to having your own privacy. Understandably, privacy is one of the most importants benefits from renting a villa in Dubai. To illustrate, there will be no need to share an elevator with other people. Other amenities can also be exclusively yours depending on which villa you choose. Most villas to rent in Dubai come with their own pool and gardens. Moreover, as a renter you have the benefit of choosing a villa based on its size and finish. The viewing process is a true pleasure as it will allow you an insight into multiple architect’s visions. Finally, allow the neighborhoods to delight you with their unique aspects.

    Have you always wanted to live in a dream house without buying it outright? Renting a villa in Dubai is the perfect option for you. The city offers several vibes to suit your needs. To illustrate, you can rent a house on the beach or the golf course. You even have the option of a 2 bedroom or a four bedroom in most areas. Dive into and allow us to guide you in finding your perfect villa to rent in Dubai!

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