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    Dubai is the global business hub of the Middle East. Millions of young expats flock to the city in search of big opportunities and better lifestyles. This makes the city’s real estate sector ripe for the picking. To illustrate, Dubai is flocked with skyscrapers filled with apartments to rent. There are a plethora of neighborhoods and sectors to choose from. Studios are the most versatile type of apartments to rent in Dubai. Studios to rent in Dubai come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Most importantly, they come with several types of payment plans to aid in flexibility. Read on to find out more on how to rent a studio in Dubai with!

    Popular Areas in Dubai for Renting Studio Apartment

    Business Bay: Business Bay is well-known as the commercial center of the city. The main attraction of the area is the 3.2 km long Dubai Canal. For example, residents take advantage of this architectural marvel by running or biking along it every day. Other residents choose to marvel at the canal by enjoying a drink at one of the 5 star hotels. In conclusion, Business Bay is an ideal vicinity to rent a studio in Dubai. Many hotels offer serviced studios to rent which includes maid service. Furthermore, serviced studios are often furnished which is convenient for the renter.

    Downtown Dubai: Downtown Dubai is a heavenly destination for tourists and residents alike. To illustrate, residents benefit from easy access to the Dubai Mall and witness the Dubai Fountains. Best of all residents, enjoy a stroll along the Boulevard if they choose to rent a studio in Downtown Dubai. Studios for rent in Downtown Dubai are luxurious by nature. All in all, the Address Hotels are a fabulous option for renting a furnished studio in Downtown Dubai.

    Discovery Gardens: Discovery Gardens offers a peaceful lifestyle yet is close to all the action. There are several options to rent studios in Discovery Gardens. In fact, the area covers 26 million square feet by the famous property developer Nakheel. The Gardens are filled with foliage and low rise residential towers. Moreover, the Ibn Batuta Mall is a sight to behold. The Mall is divided into sections that are classified by the empires. To illustrate, you could walk into the Persian Court and walk out of the Chinese Court. What a treat for residents of the area!

    Jumeirah Lake Towers: JLT is one of the most popular districts to rent a studio in Dubai. The area consists of 80 residential and commercial towers divided into “clusters”. Each cluster surrounds man-made lakes where residents enjoy walking around. In fact, the lakeside also features several retail options including shops and restaurants. Best of all, the studios in JLT are usually well priced and large in square footage. Last but not least, renting a studio in Jumeirah Lake Towers also offers easy access to the metros.

    Dubai Marina: Renting a studio apartment in Dubai Marina is nothing but a pleasure. Imagine waking up with a view of yachts gliding on the water from the Marina to the Arabian Sea. What about having hundreds or thousands of options to choose where to walk to for lunch? Your building undoubtedly has a state of the art gym to indulge in. Or, you could even sprint to the beach! All in all, renting a studio in Dubai Marina is the epitome of a dream lifestyle.

    Sheikh Zayed Road: Sheikh Zayed Road is one of the oldest landmarks of the city. It is a massive highway that cuts through the entirety of Dubai. In fact, the area is buzzing with restaurants, offices, and hotels. However, renting a studio on Sheikh Zayed Road is not for the faint hearted. To demonstrate, you could rent a furnished studio at the H Hotel at the World Trade Center Residences. On the other hand, Oasis Tower is another option that offers multiple cheque payments.

    Additionally, Sama Tower has excellent unfurnished studios with stunning sea views. In fact, the Sama building is one of the few that features an indoor squash court! Best of all, Sama Tower is just next door to the famous Fairmont Hotel known for its renowned restaurants. Travel from France to Greece at Bagatelle and Opa. Moreover, the Conrad Hotel has an excellent spa to end your journey after a long day. At Sheikh Zayed Road, be prepared to have access to one of the most happening vicinities on the globe!

    Types of Studio Apartments in Dubai

    If you’re looking to rent a studio in Dubai you’re in luck! The city is brimming with options of various shapes, sizes, fit outs, and furniture options! To illustrate, you can rent a serviced studio from one of the famous Damac Maisons. This includes maid service and fantastic hotel amenities as well as furniture. Otherwise, you can choose an unfurnished studio with a sea view at JBR or Dubai Marina. Moving on, there are more price friendly options at International City that offer a community lifestyle.

    City views are fabulous in the Jumeirah Lake Towers with easy access to the metros. Studios can come equipped with kitchen equipment and sometimes with balconies. can help you find the perfect studio for rent if you prefer living closer to the mall. Lastly, you can find options to pay with multiple cheques at!

    Rental Price for Studio Apartments in Dubai

    Studios for rent in Dubai start at AED 18,000 per annum and can touch AED 130,000. There are various reasons for the price discrepancy. Firstly, studio prices vary by area. Areas such as International City, Dubai Land, and Deira offer the most price friendly options. Furthermore, IMPZ and Dubai Sports City are also price friendly options. Studios for rent in these areas usually start at AED 18,000 and can cap off at AED 31,000. On the contrary, areas such as Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown, and Dubai Marina are less price friendly. Studios for rent in these areas usually start at AED 35,000 and can touch a whopping AED 130,000.

    Studio prices also vary by amenities, view, and furnished or unfurnished options. A studio that is equipped with more luxurious furniture is priced higher than one with basic furniture. Similarly, a studio with a sea view is more expensive than one with a basic view. Also, studios with a better swimming pool, gym, and easy access to metros are pricier than those without amenities.

    Reason for Renting Studio Apartments in Dubai

    Are you a student looking to complete a degree at one of Dubai’s multiple universities? Or, are you an expat coming in from a cold country with a brand new job in Dubai? Perhaps you’ve just gotten newly married and are looking for an economical place to stay. Renting a studio in Dubai is the perfect option for those from all walks of life. Firstly, as a renter, you don’t have the burden of investing in a property that would require capital upfront. You don’t have to worry about mortgages or financing of the property. In fact, many studios for rent in Dubai garner multiple payment plans. This means you can pay for the studio rental in multiple cheques!

    Dubai is the perfect place to rent a studio apartment. It is one of the few cities in the world that can offer a buzzing city lifestyle and suburban lifestyle. Living on Sheikh Zayed Road gives you access to the best nightlife within walking distance. Meanwhile, living in Discovery Gardens offers parks and low rise buildings. Is shopping your priority? Downtown Dubai is perfect for you!. Use as your go to resource for choosing the best studio apartment to rent for you!

    How would you describe the best city on earth? Would it be one with high standards of safety while being entertaining? Would it be a city filled with events and happenings throughout the year? Furthermore, would it be a place where you could relax on the beach on the weekends with unlimited sun? Or, how about somewhere where you could have a quick ski session after shopping? There is no place in the world like Dubai which makes it ideal to rent an apartment in this city. Let be your guide in renting a studio apartment in Dubai.

    Renting the perfect studio apartment in Dubai is possible when you can choose the studio’s features. As such, allows you to filter by view, size, and area. Additionally, you can choose whether you’d like a furnished or unfurnished studio for rent at To conclude, connects you to the best agents with the most premium units. Start searching today to take advantage of these features!

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